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Janie Crane, Instructor & Director

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‚Äčall ages

Kauai Dance Theatre

Kauai Dance Theatre classes are designed to provide classical training in the art of dance so that students can gain experience, enjoyment, and appreciation for dance through their progressive improvement and advancement in their chosen art form(s).

Our clean studio space is dedicated to dance and exercise classes, has 2 mirrored walls, a Marley dance floor, is air conditioned when hot outside, and has ceiling and floor fans plus multiple windows for natural light and breezes. A nearby park provides parents or caregivers a place to get their own exercise or entertain siblings while the dance student is in class.

The director of Kauai Dance Theatre, Janie Crane, has been involved in the world of dance for over 50 years and strives to instill a love of dance in all students from the youngest aspiring ballerinas to adults who appreciate the grace, exercise and health benefits that dance offers.  After many years of study and six years with a midwest touring ballet company, "Miss Janie" began her teaching career on Kauai in 1986.  In addition to KDT classes, she has been a choreographer, teacher and/or dancer for many local organizations and events including the Juice Company, Kauai Athletic Club, Kalaheo School's Sunshine Express, Kauai High School, liturgical dance at Lihue United Church, and local pageants. 

Over the years she has inspired students to have not only a passion for dance itself but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the physical and mental exercise that dance demands.  Several former students are now choreographers, dancers, and/or teachers (2 hold masters degrees in dance). And many others have continued to enjoy dance on a personal level as adults. 

In early August, 2021 Miss Janie again refreshed her teaching skills and updated her knowledge in ballet, tap, and musical theater dance with classes in New York City.  One never stops learning!